We have acquired “Nadcap Certification” in the processes of heat treatment, welding/brazing, surface treatment, and nondestructive inspection, and can also perform special processes of aircraft parts.


What’s Nadcap?
Nadcap is the sole international certification system for special process management in the aerospace industry, which was established by the PRI (Performance Review Institute), an affiliated organization of SAE in the United States. Currently, major manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus outsource the review of their suppliers’ manufacturing processes to PRI.
It is an industry-operated special process certification system that was established with the aim of continuous improvement and efficiency of certification by unifying requirements for the review of suppliers, which had been carried out individually by major manufacturers.
More than 10 processes including heat treatment, welding, surface treatment, and nondestructive inspection are certified, and strict requirements are set with an emphasis on examining the actual treatment at the site.

Quality management system

We have acquired JISQ9100 certification, which is an international certification for quality management systems in the aviation, space, and defense industries.

Acquisition Date: January 16, 2015
Certification Body: Defense Structure Improvement Foundation (BSK)
Certification Range:
Parts processing of accessories for aviation/space/defense, and general industrial instruments
・Heat Treating
・Chemical Processing
・Non Destructive Testing

Environmental Initiatives

We have acquired IS014001 certification, which is a management system standard for protecting the environment and improving environmental performance, and we are engaged in environmentally friendly activities.

Applicable Range

Parts processing of accessories for aviation/space/defense, and general industrial instruments
[Applicable Company Name] Tamagawa Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Head Office Plant
[Location] 7584-1 Matsuomyo, Iida, Nagano Pref.

▶ Environmental Policy

What’s Q 9100?
An international standard for quality management systems specialized in the aerospace and defense industries. It is technically equivalent to the US AS 9100 and European EN 9100, and has been adopted as a global parts procurement standard in the aerospace and defense industry.

Special process control status listSpecial process control status list

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