Manufacturing Equipment For
Heat Treatment/Electron Beam Welding/Brazing

Equipment Equipment Specifications Remarks
Pressurized Gas Cooling
Horizontal Vacuum Furnace
PQ-65/50/100(S6) (IHI) Working Zone : 480W×500H×800L ㎜
Temp. Range : 540~1080℃
Ultimate Vacuum : 0.7mPa
Processing Weight : Max.450kg
Precipitation Hardening
Oil Quenching Vacuum Furnace
with Gas Quench
OQ-52/43/83 (IHI) Working Zone : 400W×410H×460L mm
Temp. Range : 540~1080℃
Ultimate Vacuum : 7mPa
Processing Weight : Max.270kg
Vacuum Purge Atmosphere
Tempering Furnace
NVPT-65/55/100 (IHI) Working Zone : 480W×550H×800L mm
Temp. Range : 150~700℃
Ultimate Vacuum : 7mPa
Processing Weight : Max.450kg
Precipitation Hardening
Vacuum Carburizing Furnace VCB-302648 (IHI) Working Zone : 430W×750H×450L mm
Temp. Range : 700〜1050℃
Ultimate Vacuum : 10Pa
Processing Weight : Max.650kg
High Power Thermostat ARG-0680-J
Working Zone : 680W×800H×640L mm
Temp. Range : -75~0, 90〜180℃
Processing Weight : Max.50kg
Sub-zero Treatment
Vacuum Degreasing
Cleaning Machine
IWV-34C (IHI) Working Zone : 760W×800H×1350L mm
Processing Weight : Max.1000kg
Electron Beam Welder CNC-EBM-6L/HB-1VR/L-G2.25
(Mitsubishi Electric)
Working Zone : Rotary table φ200×300 mm
XY table 470W×380L mm
Processing Weight : Max.450kg
SUS, Carbon/Alloy Steel,Ni Alloy, Cu, Al
Pressurized Gas Cooling
Horizontal Vacuum Furnace
PQ-65/50/100 (IHI) Working Zone : 480W×500H×800L mm
Temp. Range : 540~1200℃
Ultimate Vacuum : 7mPa
Processing Weight : Max.450kg
Ni Brazing

Manufacturing Equipment For Surface Treatment

Equipment Working Zone Remarks
Anodizing Line Chromic Acid Anodizing
(TypeⅠ Class1・2)
Sulfuric Acid Anodizing
(TypeⅡ Class1・2)
Hard Anodizing
500W×700L×650H ㎜ Can be processed after assembling multiple parts.
Wear resistance up
Chemical Conversion
Coating Line

TypeⅠ Class1A

TypeⅠ Class3 (Colored)

TypeⅠ Class3 (Colorless)

500W×700L×650H ㎜ Contains hexavalent chromium
(with self-healing properties) / Corrosion resistance
Contains hexavalent chromium
(with self-healing properties)
Low electrical resistance
Hexavalent chromium free
Passivation Treatment Line Method1 Type2
Method1 Type4
Method1 Type6
400W×500L×600H ㎜ Nitric Acid / Martensitic, Precipitation Hardening, Ferritic
Nitric Acid/Free-cutting Type (sulfur-containing type)
Nitric Acid / Austenitic
Plating Line Electroless Nickel
550W×450L×550H ㎜
700W×400L×550H ㎜
700W×400L×550H ㎜
700W×400L×650H ㎜
Shape Free (High cost)

For carburization
Oxide Coating Line Black Oxide Coating of Steel 350W×350L×400H ㎜
Coating Line Lacquer Coating
Phthalic Acid Coating
Baked Coating
Epoxy Coating
Urethane Coating
Coating Booth
W2500×L1000×H2000(mm) 2 Units
Drying Furnace
W1000×L1000×H1000(mm) 3 Units
W450×L450×H450(mm) 3 Units
W420×L420×H700(mm) 1 Units
Coating compatible
with aerospace requirements
Coating Booth
1 Units
Temp. Control Range : 20~32℃
Humidity Control Range : 40~70%

Equipment For Nondestructive Inspection

Equipment Type of Inspection Equipment Specifications Remarks
Penetrant Tester
EF-Type I
(Eishin Kagaku Co., Ltd.)
Water-washable Fluorescence
Penetrant Inspection
Type Ⅰ Method A
Sensitivity Level 2/3
Type Ⅰ Method B
Sensitivity Level 2
Effective Dimension :
500W×500L×500H mm
Surface Flaw Detection
Material Free
Medium Sensitivity
MA-Type I
Post-emulsifying Fluorescent
Penetrant Inspection
Type Ⅰ Method D
Sensitivity Level 4
Effective Dimension :
500W×500L×500H mm
Surface Flaw Detection
Material Free
High Sensitivity
Horizontal Wet Magnetic
Particle Flaw Detector
TDF-Type 54H
(Eishin Kagaku Co., Ltd.)
Wet Fluorescent Magnetic
Particle Flaw Inspection
Three-phase Full-wave Rectification
DC : 5000A
AC : 3500A
Distance Between Electrodes :
Surface and Sub-surface
Material : Magnetic Material
(carbon/alloy steel, precipitation hardening stainless steel, etc.)
precipitation hardening stainless steel, etc.)
High Sensitivity
High-stability Output Type
X-ray Generator
X-ray Inspection Equipment
(Film method)
X-ray Tube Voltage : 160KV
X-ray Tube Current : 45mA(MAX)
Focus Size : 1mm/5.5mm
Table : 400W×400L mm
Internal Flaw Detection
Permeability :
20㎜/SUS, 50㎜/AI
X-ray Equipment
Y. Cougar SMT
Microfocus X-ray Inspection
(Flat panel method)
With CT scan function
X-ray Tube Voltage : 160KV
X-ray Tube Current : 1mA
Focus Size : 1μm
Max. Magnification : 2000X
Table : 300W×300L mm
Internal Flaw Detection
3D Analysis
5-axis Drive
Permeability :
10㎜/SUS, 20㎜/AI

Main Equipment For Machining

Equipment Units Equipment Capacity
(Unit: mm)
Type Manufacturer Model
NC Lathe
(Hydraulic Chuck)
Mazak Quick Turn 28 1 φ320×1010
Mazak QTN350U 1 φ420×600
Mazak QT350U650 1 φ420×600
OKUMA Corporation LB3000EXⅡ 1 φ410×500
OKUMA Corporation LB-15 1 φ250×500
OKUMA Corporation LR15 1 φ240×600
NC Lathe
(Air Chuck)
WASHINO LG-60 1 φ60×60
Tsugami Corporation PA3 1 φ100×50
Takahashi Machinery TNC-L1 1 φ100×150
Mazak QTP-100SG 1 φ180×80
Tsugami Corporation C300H-X 1 φ160×160
Mazak QT-8 1 φ180×160
Combined Lathe Mitsubishi Heavy Industries M-L8B-MATC 1 φ250×500
Tsugami Corporation BU26SY 1 φ26×250(Bar stock)
OKUMA Corporation LR15-M 1 φ240×600
OKUMA Corporation LU3000EX 1 φ340×600
OKUMA Corporation LU15-MW 1 φ340×600
Star Micronics SR-32J TypeN 1 φ32×80(Bar stock)
Vertical 5-Axis
Machining Center
Matsuura Machinery Corporation MAM72-3VS 2 XYZ=650/400/600
YASDA PX30i 2 XYZ=680/400/500
Machining Center
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd. a61 1 XYZ=700/650/700
Toshiba Machine BTD-11・R16 1 XYZ=2000/1150/1450
Machining Center
Shizuoka Tekko SMV-410PA 1 XYZ=700/400/500
Mazak AJV18 1 XYZ=560/400/400
Mazak VQC 20/40B 1 XYZ=1000/500/450
Mazak VTC-20B 1 XYZ=1120/510/510
DMG MORI CV-500A 1 XYZ=510/510/510
Mazak AJV 50/80 1 XYZ=2000/1150/650
Mazak VCN410B-Ⅱ 1 XYZ=762/410/510
Mazak FJV250 1 XYZ=1020/510/460
FANUC ROBODRILL α-D21LiB5 2 XYZ=700/400/330
NC Cylindrical Grinder JTECT GL4Pi-50 1 φ300×500
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries RD23B-35A 1 φ150×350
Tsugami Corporation AGN5 1 φ150×350
Tsugami Corporation UGC 1 φ50×100
OKUMA Corporation GI-20N 1 φ5~φ300×200
Tsugami Corporation G30SB-500 1 φ280×500
Trapezoidal thread grinder
Cylindrical Grinder Tsugami Corporation GU4A 1 φ200×250
Tsugami Corporation T-CGD-150 1 φ18~φ50×100
Toyoda Machine Works Ltd. GU28-500 1 φ300×500
Surface Grinder Nikkou Machine NFG-515AD 1 XYZ=500/350/300
Okamoto Machine Tool Works PSG-63DX 1 XYZ=750/300/300
Wire Electric
Discharge Machine
Mitsubishi Electric PX-05 1 XYZ=250/150/150
Mitsubishi Electric QA20 1 XYZ=500/350/300
Mitsubishi Electric FX20K 1 XYZ=500/350/300
Engraving Electric Discharge Machine Mitsubishi Electric VP35F 1 XYZ=350/250/200
Fine Hole Electric Discharge Machine ASTEC CDH-3A 1 XYZ=300/200/200
General Lathe EGURO LTD GL-120 4 φ200×350
OKK Corporation HBX-360 1 φ200×350
DMG MORI MS-850 1 φ200×435
OKUMA Corporation LP 1 φ200×350
SHOUN HB500 2 φ500×850
Gun Drill Machine Miroku Machine Tool MEG-800 1 D6.3~25.4
NC Jig Boring Machine Mitsui Seiki Kogyo J5A(Optical type) 1 XYZ=750/500/600
Mitsui Seiki Kogyo 3A Type 1 XYZ=350/450/500
Makino Milling Machine KG・TP 1 XYZ=550/250/350
Milling Machine NIIGATA ENGINEERING 2UMC(Horizontal) 1 XYZ=500/250/350
Makino Milling Machine KGJP(Vertical) 1 XYZ=500/250/350
ETSUKI 2MF-V 1 XYZ=710/250/400
Drilling Machine ASHINA, etc. ASD-360, etc. 12
Tapping Machine Tamagawa Seiki TM-15, etc. 10

Main Equipment For Inspection

Equipment Units Equipment Capacity
Type Manufacturer Model
Coordinate Measuring Machine Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex S776 1 XYZ=700/700/600
Carl Zeiss CONTURA 7/10/6 1 XYZ=700/1000/600
Carl Zeiss O-INSPECT 322 1 XYZ=300/200/200
Roundness and Cylindricity shape
measuring instrument
Mitutoyo ROUNDTEST RA-2200 1 φ300×Z300
Form Tracer
(Surface roughness measuring instrument)
Mitutoyo SV-C4500 1 XZ=100/60